Advocate. Mentor. Runner. Blogger. Student. Faux Artist. Selfie Queen. Soon to be mother, expected 10.28.14.


I'm a wearer of many hats. Self-proclaimed selfie queen. I was a foster kid now wearing the mentor and advocate hats instead. I am also a college student studying political science and soon to be mother. I meet my love this fall, expected to arrive October 28th. I hope to become the mother to my child that I never had growing up. After getting a handle on the mom thing, I’d like to try and better the world by entering the world of politics and hopefully becoming the President of the United States one day.
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Where are my feet going

Where are my feet going #pregnant #bumpalert #27weeks #babybelly #allbelly

Today we painted hand print dinosaurs.

Because somebody’s been good today, we celebrated with homemade fruit smoothies tonight.

Pretty much.

Why didn’t you just rip my heart right out of my fucking chest? It would of hurt a hell of a lot less.
at least i wouldn’t have to suffer
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People are dying from over thinking. They fill their brains with harsh thoughts and it brings the body down too. Chances are no one thinks as bad about you than you.
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Only more depressing and way less fun.

So someone decided that he was gonna turn on the water works and throw a dramatic cry fest after I told him he couldn’t watch a movie till after dinner since I know he wouldn’t wanna pause the movie to eat and also doesn’t have the ability to watch and eat at the same time. Well we’ve been working with him on not acting like a baby when he doesn’t get what he wants so I told him if he didn’t stop and act like a big boy, he was gonna have to lay down till dinner was done. In the few minutes it took for the pizza to finish cooking, he is passed out; now I have dinner cooked and no one to share it with.

So those little pregnancy apps were like “hormones are gonna spike this week” and, so far,they were correct, which sucks. Someone put me out of my misery.

At what point do you take girls out of school altogether because boys can’t handle it?

Parent of a female teen whose school banned leggings

#yesallwomen have a right to an education without fashion policing by sexist administrators

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So after practicing writing our letters for a couple hours, we took each letter and drew something that started with that letter. This is supposed to be daddy, who has an enormous belly button apparently. Don’t know how I missed seeing that over the last year and a half. Lol

It’s weird seeing a two digit number here; doesn’t seem like we should be this close.

Changing of the Guards at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldiers. #arlington