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I'm a wearer of many hats. Self-proclaimed selfie queen. I was a foster kid now wearing the mentor and advocate hats instead. I am also a college student studying political science and soon to be mother. I meet my love this fall, expected to arrive October 28th. I hope to become the mother to my child that I never had growing up. After getting a handle on the mom thing, I’d like to try and better the world by entering the world of politics and hopefully becoming the President of the United States one day.
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So after practicing writing our letters for a couple hours, we took each letter and drew something that started with that letter. This is supposed to be daddy, who has an enormous belly button apparently. Don’t know how I missed seeing that over the last year and a half. Lol

It’s weird seeing a two digit number here; doesn’t seem like we should be this close.

Changing of the Guards at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldiers. #arlington

Changing of the Guards inspection at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. #arlington

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. #arlington

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. #arlington



My favourite place we went to in DC. It really reminds you of how we got where we are today. #arlington

Main man George. #georgewashington


#nationalgalleryofart #art

Although this looks outverted 3D, it’s actually not. It’s really inverted. Coolest “house” ever.

#lincolnmemorial #nationalmall #murica #dc

#lincolnmemorial #abelincoln #lincoln #nationalmall #history #historyftw